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About Us

Prestren Group is an ever-growing company which is specializing in health products. The main objective of Prestren Group is to see the people prosper when it comes to their health. Health is all we have, without it we are nothing. Our mission is to offer a portfolio of quality brands that offer enduring value.
We provide the widest range of health products in the world and our good health products are affordably priced items that meet every industry standard.

Furthermore, we believe that our company provides the best value for healthy and safe products anywhere.  Our vision is to focus on the needs of our customers and suppliers and build long lasting relationships. Our continued success and longevity has been further enhanced by repeat purchases and word of mouth recommendations and testimonials by our loyal and satisfied clients.

A World-Class Company

We cater to the needs of domestic and international clients. Prestren Group has a wide range of healthcare products and services that are world class and affordably priced. We carry one of the largest selections of top quality nutritional and health products in the world!
Whatever your healthcare requirements may be, make the first choice for quality, affordability, consistency and convenience for all your health related needs! You can trust us and turn to our company’s products for comfort and care! We have an ample number of distribution facilities located at strategic locations that enable us to offer swift and timely delivery of our services to our demanding customers. For help and advice on our products, you can get in touch with our sales team at anytime, anywhere! Call us at this number or write to us at

Pre = Preserve the body against attacks from the environment in the form of pollution, toxins and chemicals. The focus of our products and services is therefore on how best to safeguard the health of people and enable them to defend themselves from illnesses and diseases that can affect modern day living.

Stren = Strengthen the body’s immune system is what we do best through our extensive selection of health products. Manufactured from ingredients of the highest quality and using advanced production techniques, we give our Clients the Best!

Preserve And Strengthen

The Way To Good Health


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