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Career Opportunity

career opportunity prestren

Prestren Group have always implemented our vision to increase our business. We’re always looking for new business opportunities and are always trying to expand the business. Our company is proud to share Our products to anyone who is keen to be part of our dynamic team. Our company recognizes and is committed to the diversity that a workforce should represent in this highly globalized world. We encourage a work environment that celebrates harmony in diversity.

Propolis is a substance which is collected by bees, bees are very hardworking and the best team mates ever and we, Prestren Group would like to use Our products to help our clients.

The qualities that set us apart from our competitors are:

• Responsible behavior towards our community
• A commitment to care and be concerned
• Original and unique in experiences
• Passionate about our work
• Ready to put to use what we have learned

Prestren Group, the culture that our workforce shares make it possible for a dynamic and fruitful professional careers for each and everyone, who even belong to different fields.

• If you are a good salesperson and you know how to promote Jade Propolis to customers, then we immediately need YOU in our team.
• If you think you can do good quality marketing for our company then don’t hold back and contact the company as soon as possible so that we can get the marketing started.
• The company is also looking to fill some managerial positions and currently a seat for the Business Development Manager is open.
• If you think you’re good with numbers and don’t get confused near them, then you should get into our Accounts team.
• We also require personnel in the Administration offices. So if you have had previous experience in this respect, give us a call.
• If you are passionate to help people to be healthy, please contact us for more opportunities

Be a part of our loving team in Prestren Group today!

Our career opportunity page is designed to help you learn about opportunities within our organization according to function, experience, location and business segment.

To learn more about us and our offerings, contact our dedicated customer service representatives who will be very happy to help you! Call us or write to us!

Career Opportunity. Be part of us and apply today

Available Works
  • Sale Executive
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Accounts & Admin Executive
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Designer / Developer / Programmer