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Leukaemia, chronic myeloid

As a person diagnosed with CLL (unending lymphocytic leukemia) since 2001, Have had my eyes prepared on Google Alerts and on the web when all is said in done, routinely searching for breakthroughs, both expectedly and in the option pharmaceutical coliseum.




Numerous individuals who are diagnosed with CLL are berated to hang on any treatment, as the disease regularly progresses slowly, and any change with treatment is not perpetual. Worse yet, the course and aggressiveness of the disease can change whenever. Patients are advised to “watch and hold up.” This is not a cheerful approach to live.




No good examples. The sad truth is that, until this past January 2009, I could discover no reference (not one) of any person who was cured of CLL through any sort of customary medical – or elective – therapy. The main special cases are those who have been cured by method for a bone marrow transplant (BMT). Tragically, numerous individuals don’t survive the strategy. It is greatly risky. Worse yet, a patient can survive the BMT and still have CLL, or create CLL again at a later date.


The five-year course of events. Despite all the research and trials, there is still no traditionally sanctioned therapy (chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and so on.), short of BMT, which can impact a cure. Doctors give patients the expectation for a complete remission of five years with some of the accessible therapies. Not all patients accomplish complete remission in the first round of chemotherapy. Furthermore, the possibility of success, measured by five-year survival, decreases with each new type of traditional therapy. Not an empowering picture. This situation has been apparent to me since 2001, when I was forty-six and first diagnosed. Who wants to catch wind of a five-year life arrangement when you’re forty-six? Not me! While there have been some promising routine “breakthroughs,” the survival rate remains basically the same today.




The search for an option. My search for an option treatment, or treatment convention, has been similarly troublesome. I have possessed the capacity to discover testimony on the web of leukemia patients who have ended up without cancer (acute myelogenous leukemia or acute lymphocytic leukemia), however no such fortunes for CLL. Best case scenario, there were stories of individuals who had held off their CLL with the controversial laetrile (apricot seed concentrate). Be that as it may, nobody with CLL had ended up cancer free. I was discouraged, yet I never surrendered the search, or my endeavor to discover an outline to great wellbeing. He has completely vanquished his CLL by means of evacuating his root canals and mercury amalgams, and by drastically adjusting his eating regimen and supplementation, with a focus on restoring his pH levels to a sound equalization.




There are at last good examples for CLL recuperation. What used to be a finished mystery now is a test with an outline for success. There are currently no less than two cases of men who have beat the odds and crushed their CLL by means of mercury amalgam and root trench evacuation, dietary therapy, and pH parity. The further uplifting news is that this system is likely an outline to wellbeing for individuals with numerous other incessant wellbeing issues, including cancers.