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24 Hour Miracle – Jade Propolis

24 Hour Miracle – Jade Propolis

24 Hour miracle
Through all my life
I keep asking myself why
Do i hear these voices inside?
It’s like I’m going insane
Round and round I go
Looking for a cure
but Nothing seems
to change anymore.

Somebody, tell me what
will make the negativity go away
Sticking to positive thinking is the best.
A positive mind builds health day by day
The only way is Jade Propolis.
Bring the happiness back to your life and soul

No time for tears or crying at all
Jade propolis helps you reach your goals

So say goodbye to all bacteria inside
Jade Propolis performs 24 hour miracles
Now say hello to natures magic spell
Jade Propolis performs 24 hour miracles
in your life

One day you will
see your living life so much stronger
24 hours a new life
it brings closer.
Have faith in us now
We won’t lie to you our friend
This dietary supplement was sent
To cure you again

Back to the time you were young
With no worries in your life
Build up your immunity
inside and out you’re feeling fine.

Back to Chorus.


Anything can happen
It’s not just a caption.
JADE PROPOLIS Will cast a spell
Perform magic on us all.