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Put Your Health Back On Track – Jade Propolis Extract

put your health back on track




Verse 1

I’m gonna tell you some facts


about Jade Propolis extract.


It’s time for you to wake up

and put your health back on track.


Verse 2

Your immune system

will be stronger than ever.

Your aging will slow down,

You swear you’ll live forever.


You’ll be jumping  off the ground



This amazing substance comes from bees.

Jade Propolis extract does it all.

Injects you with energy and life.

This supplement stands tall.

stands tall


Verse 3

And what about your heart?

It will be transformed like new.

Your blood will even become healthier.

No hype here, this is all true.


Verse 4

But that’s not all.

There’s a whole lot more.

Good for skin, and tissue regeneration

Your whole body, and peace of  mind Jade Propolis will restore.




Verse 5

It’s time for you to say yes.

Your story can have a happy ending.

Just try Jade Propolis extract

and your body you will be mending.