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Rebith Capsule – Jade Propolis Capsules

Rebith Capsule – Jade Propolis Capsules


Verse 1


Jade Propolis Capsule has antibiotic action

And it’s something you have never seen before

But don’t worry, you’ll find satisfaction.

Your whole body it will restore.


Jade Propolis Capsule

The rebirth capsule

It will help you, with all these issues

Insuline related problems

Supports heart tissues

Prevents tumors, Enhances beauty

and body health

Verse 2

And still there’s more to prevent you from being ill


Jade Propolis Caspsule promotes healing and healthy living

And it will fight bacterial  diseases better than your average pill

helpsTissue Regeneration , Prostate Health and heart issues

regarding cholesterol control,

and a whole lot more.

Including diabetic patients too

and other problems it can restore.


Verse 3


It’s a helpful tool for cancer patients

and also good for endocrine disorders too.

Jade Propolis Is Nature’s Germ-Fighter

and will help  Support your immune system

How your body will change

and how your life could be.