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Jade Propolis Spray

jade propolis spray

Jade Propolis Spray


Why Honey Bees NEVER Get a Sore Throat!

Use Jade Propolis Spray,

and You’ll be Humming in No Time


Discover How You Find Instant Relief

From Colds, Sore Throats, and Inflammation

With Our Purest Jade Propolis Spray

Contained within a glass with 35ml spray bottle, Jade Propolis Spray is a safe and natural propolis product. A combination of super healing ingredients, propolis, honey and mint, our propolis throat spray offers exceptional health benefits and relief for all kinds of throat problems.

The healing and medicinal properties of honey and mint along with the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant and analgesic qualities of bee Propolis comes beautifully packaged and formulated to give you the most benefits as quickly as possible.

And, it also comes in a refreshing mint flavor, making it easier than ever to consume!

Why, Where, When And How? Here Are Your Answers:

– Made from original and 100% pure ingredients, this has been the best remedy against any throat problems including cough and cold.

– It has been one of the most sought after products from Brazil and other countries. Jade Propolis Spray contains the all important ingredient propolis – especially the Brazilian green variety – which offers the body a natural defense against illness and relief from lifestyle related health problems.

– Propolis is a natural substance which is collected by bees from trees, and after mixing it with their own beeswax and enzymes, they use the resin to seal their hive to protect the hive from disease causing germs including bacteria and fungus.
It can protect your body too!

– Its chemical composition boasts of high levels of bioactive compounds and flavonoids that not only stimulate, but fortify and revitalize the body as well. Additionally, it also offers immense immunity boosting benefits.

– The honey used in the throat spray comes from certified beekeepers in Brazil. The quality of the honey is assured by strict and thorough analysis of the procedure, purity and conditions of extractions. The physical, chemical and microbial properties are also checked to see if the honey is of A-grade quality.

We Give You Only The Highest Quality!

 To ensure that the product meets local and international safety and quality standards, we keep a strict eye on the production process. Our Jade Propolis Spray sent by the beekeepers is analyzed by the company for impurities, physical, chemical and microbiological hazards so that the product that comes out from the factory is of the highest quality.

 With regards to the mint in our product, Prestren Group uses the Mentha piperita variety. Another name for this mint variant is mint pepper. It belongs to the genus Mentha which has 25 different species of mint under the Labiatae family. Its chemical composition includes compounds like cineol, menthol, limonene, terpene, vitamins C and D, tannins, flavonoids and cafeic acid, among others.

So, Is This Option Right For you? It Is If You Need Help In The Following Areas:

Assist in the treatment of colds and flu,

Inflammation and infections of the mouth and throat,

Dry cough,

Hoarseness of smokers,


Effective in treating bad breath.

Healing of oral surgery.

…Then The Spray Will Help! PLUS it will:

Relieve cold symptoms and sore throat

Assist in throat and mouth infections

Helps in minor skin problems, acne, burns and cuts, etc.

Improve and strengthen the immune system

Are there Side Effects?


 The product has no known side effects. It is completely safe and natural. However, do not consume if you are allergic to bee products, during pregnancy or breast feeding.


 Simply spray 3-4 times in the mouth or throat. The dosage can be increased as needed or after consultation with a health expert. It is not recommended for children below 1 year of age.

So…How Can YOU Experience The Relief

From Using Our Healing Jade Propolis Spray?

If you’re interested in healing and giving your body access to loads of pure vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other rich, immune-boosting properties, all you have to do is email us at the address below so that we can begin to process your order.

It’s Very Easy!

All You Just Need To Do Is

Send Us An Email At:

and let us know that you’d like to begin using Jade Propolis Spray.

We’d be happy to help you, as well as answer any of your questions.

Here’s to your health!

Feel the Relief Yourself !

Just Click The “Buy Now” Button Below

And You’ll Be On Your Way To

Experiencing Greater Health!

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Disclaimer: The aforesaid statements have not been assessed by the FDA. This product has not been intended for diagnosis, treatment, healing, or preventing any disease. You can consult your doctor in case of any health inquiry. This information is given for reading as well as product awareness before consuming the products.