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Our Services


Natural, safe and a storehouse of health benefits, our propolis products are the best ! These bee products are immune-boosting and an original source of antioxidants!

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Health Products

Helping you to stay in your top form, our health products are your best bets to give your health the boost it needs!

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Beauty Health

Our beauty health products are perfect for brightening your day and appearance! Our customers can rely on them 24/7, 365 ¼ days a year!

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Our specialized services and products are the all round answer to better health and well being while fulfilling any demand in the health field.

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Prestren Group Services

Our team at Prestren Group is always endeavoring to provide you with body nourishing and rejuvenating health products and a range of services that protect as well as augment your overall well being. Prestren Group was created with one goal – to provide humanity with the best product so everyone can live a healthy life with happiness. This vision has empowered everyone associated with the company to strive towards excellence without a pause.

We offer only the best and top of the line products and services in the industry. Our bouquet of services consists of:

Health products

Effective and highly safe to use, our range of health products are the perfect remedy for your varied health problems or simply the solution to improving your health and appearance. Included in our selection of health products are top notch health supplements that strengthen every cell in your body!

Medical instruments and health appliances

To meet the demands of today’s fast paced world, we offer innovative healthcare solutions ranging from medical instruments to health appliances at highly competitive rates. Our ground-breaking health services are available at varied hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, etc.

Healthcare IT solutions

Our healthcare IT solutions are constantly evolving to meet changing market demands. Our dynamic team is always on their toes so that they come up with new and exciting solutions to offer you!

What makes us different?

Our product catalogue boasts of a comprehensive and diverse selection of popular brands making us the most trusted in the industry. Offering customers with easy to understand information at their fingertips, our catalogue comes with pictures and details for every product, advertisements for new products and editorials about how to improve your life with our products. Along with providing the best health products, we also believe in making prompt and friendly customer service available to our customers. We have an amazing team to ensure that our customers always receive the best in sales and support.

Prestren Group believes in sharing love. We look forward seeing everyone with good health by using our products.

Whether you are a retailer, supplier or simply a customer, place your orders today! Give us a call or write to us at.

Why Choose Us ?
  • Our products, services and solutions are value for money propositions that enrich lives and promote longevity for people on the lookout for good health.
  • Our company helps customers to build immunity against a host of life threatening diseases as well as the hardest of medical problems, and we do all this with great passion and love.
  • Being a recognizable and respected name in the healthcare industry, we believe in honest deeds, humility and quality service while striving towards perfection.
  • Our customer service is speedy, world class and unmatched which is why our customers come back to us every single time!
  • Made from quality raw materials and natural ingredients of the highest grade, our products are light on the pocket but high on quality standards!
  • We have people all over the world enjoying the benefits of our products because our products meet their health needs and revitalize both their body and mind..