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Pineal astrocytoma

An astrocytoma is a type of brain tumor or cancer, which originates in a sort of brain cells known as astrocytes. These cells have a characteristic star shape, which prompted their name (in Latin, the word astro refers to star). Some astrocytomas develop at a slow rate, or don’t perceptibly develop for a timeframe. They are thought to make up roughly 75% of patients’ neuroepithelial tumors.




There are four grades for this tumor, as indicated by the system used by the World Health Organization (WHO) – there are also different systems for those who incline toward using them. From evaluation 1 to 4 all together, they are: pilocytic, diffuse (or second rate), anaplastic, and glioblastomamultiforme. The rankings are all together of least aggressiveness, for instance, pilocytic is considered the least aggressive, while glioblastomamultiforme (the evaluation 4 classification) is considered as the most aggressive structure.


Treatment and diagnosis


An astrocytoma can prompt diverse symptoms in any given case. In spite of the fact that this is not professional medical guidance and these symptoms don’t necessarily demonstrate such a tumor, nor does an absence of them block the possibility, some of the potential symptoms are said here. Personality and mental status changes are possible. Eyesight issues, twofold vision, and headaches also fall into one scope of symptoms. Also, general drowsiness and dormancy can happen.


One of the diagnostic methods that may be used in some cases is the figured tomography scan (known as the CT scan or CAT scan for short). A biopsy may be taken, at times when the tumor’s evacuation is endeavored amid surgery, and sometimes simply as its own particular occasion.


Astrocytoma brain cancer tumors are considered to be the most widely recognized kind of Glioma. These tumors may create in various regions of the brain, as well as the spinal rope. These specific kind of brain cancer tumors start from cells that are called astrocytes. The brain’s region that these are most ordinarily distinguished is the fundamental district. This is generally alluded to as the cerebrum.


It has been established that these have the ability of influencing any person, whenever in their life. While there have been cases of Astrocytoma a brain cancer tumor in children, this condition is most regularly diagnosed among those that are an adult’s piece populace. At the point when children are diagnosed with these tumors, they are most regularly situated in the base district of the brain instead of the principle locale of the brain.




There are numerous regular symptoms that are frequently experienced when an individual has an Astrocytoma brain cancer tumor. The symptoms that are experienced frequently associate with the pressure against the brain and skull regions as a size’s result of the tumor. It is normal for a person to display conduct changes.


The person may display a personality that is entirely different than their own, they may seem to change starting with one disposition then onto the next in a fast-paced and mysterious way, and they may show stamped signs of touchiness.


Individuals that have this kind of tumor with their brain cancer will frequently encounter headaches and undeniable irritation district. Gastrointestinal complications such as regurgitating are also a standout amongst the most widely recognized symptoms associated with the Astrocytoma brain cancer tumor.