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Cancers of the brain are the consequence of malignancies of cells in the brain. Brain cancers can start from essential brain cells, the cells that frame other brain components (for instance, membranes, blood vessels), or from the development of cancer cells that create in other body organs and that have spread to the brain by the blood vessels.




Brain tumors are every one of the malignancies inside of the neurological system and the skull. Brain tumors result from the uncontrolled and sporadic cell division inside of the aforementioned body parts.


As indicated by the WHO, classification of brain tumors is primarily based on the cause of cell and its conduct, from harmless, to dangerous that is the most aggressive. The least dangerous malignancies are dispensed Grade I while the most dangerous are allotted Grade IV. Essential brain malignancies start from the psyche and can stay neighborhood or spread to different areas of our bodies. These are further separated into distinctive types, based on the source from diverse brain areas.






  1. Gliomas:


Gliomas start from the supportive brain cells. Gliomas are of distinctive types. They include:


  1. an) Oligodendrogkiomas – these can influence individuals of all ages and predominantly start from myelin-creating cells.They are uncommon and mostly don’t engender.


  1. b) Ependymomas – This kind of glioma mostly have sway on the children and the adolescent. Its basis is the ventricles lining.


  1. c) Brain stem gliomas – These are found in the lower piece of the brain. This some piece of the brain is vital as it controls the fundamental body functions. Most of the brain control gliomas are of top notch and henceforth exceptionally dangerous.


  1. d) Astrocytomas – They happen from the cells known as astrocytes. They can develop in any piece of the vertebrae or the brain. In children, they make from cerebellum or the cerebrum.


  1. Non Gliomas:


These happen from the non supportive cells. Various types include:


  1. a) Pineal tumors – They develop from the pineal glands and can be easily expelled from the brain. Some of them are slow developing while others are fast developing.


  1. b) Medulloblastomas – They start from the basic nerve cells. They also can develop in the cerebellum. They are also alluded to as primitive neuroectodermal tumors.


  1. c) Craniopharyngiomas – They start from the pituitary glands. Most of them are harmless. In case they press hypothalamus organ because of excess, various vital features are lost and they get to be dangerous.


  1. d) Schwannomas – They start from the schwan cells and produce myelin. Myelin protects sound-related nerve cells.


  1. e) Meningiomas – These are experienced by ladies of 30 to 50 age segment. They are harmless and start from meninges.


Treatment and diagnosis


The accompanying cancers are the most widely recognized types that cause secondary tumors; lung, breast, kidney, colon and malignant melanoma.


Secondary brain tumors are those malignancies that make in distinctive parts of the body and get into the psyche. They are metastatic and get into the veins and the lymphatic system program. They then course through the veins or/and the lymph vessels and get recorded in the brain. From here they keep splitting and get to be obtrusive.