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Primary central nervous system lymphoma



The stigmata present during childbirth incorporate hydrocephalus, mental impediment, seizures, chorioretinitis, optic decay, and nerve deafness. These may be associated with different evidences of inborn syphilis. Neurological inclusion growing later in innate syphilis may take the type of meningovascular lesions, optic decay, tabesdorsalis or GPI. The late parenchymal lesions happen at a much more youthful age (adolescent GPI, adolescent tabes).




Neurosyphilis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of every neurological disorder. GPI should be separated from cerebrovascular disorders, essential dementias, intra-cranial space involving lesions and progressive degenerative lesions. Tabesdorsalis has to be considered in the differential diagnosis of lesions such as diabetic, dangerous and healthful neuropatheis, heredofamilial, ataxias and syringomyelia. Presence of Argyll Robertson understudy is an extremely strong point to support the diagnosis of neurosyphilis.


Research center diagnosis; Blood serology is positive in 60-70% of cases. The CSF changes are present in numerous. These incorporate lymphocytic pleocytosis, rise in proteins and a positive Lange’s colloidal gold bend (which may be tabetic or paretic). The CSF changes rely on upon the disease’s action. Previous treatment tends to minimize the abnormalities.


Prognosis: Treatment may clear up meningovascular lesion totally. The results are poor in established cases of tabes and optc decay. In GPI considerable change may happen.




Penicillin is given. Rehashed courses may be obliged and this has to be chosen relying on blood and CSF serology rehashed at 6 and 12 months after introductory therapy. Tabetic pains may respond to analgesics and carbamazepine in a dose of 100mg thrice day by day. Visceral crises are treated by sedation and supportive measures.




Gumma occurs in the third stage of syphilis. Pathologically, the gumma consist of collagen deposition shaping an amorphouse matric with lymphocytes and plasma cells at the outskirts and multinucleated monster cells in the inside. T.Pallidum is not demonstrable in these lesions. Gumma may be seen in various situations cranial, dural, leptomeningeal, cerebral and spinal. These carry on like space involving lesions. response to antisyphilitic treatment is poor. Line of administration is to excise the lesions and give antisyphilitic therapy.


Syphilitic deafness: Deafness may result from several reasons in the distinctive stages of syphilis. It may result from warmth of the cochlea, acoustic nerve, basal meninges or harm to the center ear.


Slow virus infections


Some viruses are fit for staying lethargic in the nerve tissue for long stretches and produce harm more than several years. These are portrayed by long brooding period, slow progressive course, and much of the time a fetal end. The accompanying two groups are distinguishable:


  1. In the first gathering, the viral agents are identifiable e.g, subacutesclerosingpanencephalitis and progressive multifocal leuconencephalopathy;


  1. In the second gathering, the viruses have not been obviously distinguished, they are resistant to antiviral drugs and they don’t inspire checked immune response, e.g, Kuru and Jakob-Crutzfeldt disease.


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