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Salivary gland cancer



The parotid organ, situated around the ear, is one of six noteworthy salivary glands. These glands create the saliva which lubricates the mouth, helps in digestion, protects the teeth, and facilitates taste. Parotidectomy, or evacuation of the parotid organ, has several indications. These incorporate the evacuation of favorable or cancerous tumors, access for profound lying tumors and once in a while, for evacuation of chronically contaminated glands.


Treatment and diagnosis


This surgery is laden with possibly significant complications. The most worrisome is facial nerve weakness. The facial nerve, which innervates the facial muscles, runs through the parotid organ and thusly, surgery on the organ could meddle with the facial’s capacity nerve. This may transpire in several ways. On the off chance that the tumor is cancerous, the nerve may should be evacuated alongside the tumor itself, with a specific end goal to accomplish a cure. On the off chance that the tumor is kindhearted, the surgeon will make all attempts to preserve the nerve. Notwithstanding, stretching of the nerve, or neighboring searing may result in transitory or lasting weakness.


The second potential side impact is numbness over the ear and face. This results from stretching or obstruction with the auricular nerve, which is a sensory nerve overlying the parotid. Usually, the territory of numbness will retreat with time to about the size of a quarter over the back piece of the jaw.




The last risk specific to parotidectomy is Frey’s syndrome, which is sweating over the face, on the worked side, at whatever point the patient eats savory sustenance. This is troublesome just for a minority of patients.


Right now, there are several techniques accessible to keep away from facial nerve harm. Meticulous surgery is the first and foremost guideline. In different situations, especially in a scarred or previously worked on organ, a nerve screen is indispensable for distinguishing the nerve with the PC before it can be really seen. In the event that the nerve has to be evacuated, as on account of a salivary cancer, a prompt nerve joining should be possible.


The numbness over the face can be kept away from if the surgeon is ready to preserve the auricular nerve and abstain from stretching.


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