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Shipping Guide

shipping guide prestren

Shipping Guide

Our team at Prestren Group has always been striving to provide our customers with quality products and outstanding customer service. We make every effort to put forward to you the easiest, safest and most reasonably priced shopping experience on the world wide web. To cater to varied needs of our clientele, we offer a wide array of shipping methods ranging from the standard to the premium delivery options.

We ship our orders according to the most feasible time period, rate and route determined by our team, and in addition to the use of a primary service carrier, we also engage the services of various other reputable service carriers.

For certain countries, overweight orders, expedited orders and international orders, we may charge additional shipping fees – please go through our shipping chart for more details.

Regarding standard shipment delivery, we usually take a minimum of ten business days from the shipment date for delivery. Remote locations can take longer because of varying delivery schedules. We calculate shipping costs based on two factors – weight and destination, and the calculation is done during final checkout. Regarding international shipping delivery, we allow refunds for the purchase price of the products after 15 working days on the basis of information collected from the carrier, and after a thorough investigation by our company.

Additionally, Prestren Group is not to blame for taxes, duties, brokerage or delivery fees that are applied to international consignments or postponements caused by clearing or brokerage firms. We are also not responsible for any loss or damage or delay that is the result of any action taken by any 3rd parties’ including cargo handling services. Most importantly, we do not provide refunds on international shipping charges. To take speedy delivery to the next level, we also offer certain premium express delivery services at extra costs. For customers who opt for such services, we expedite the processing time and have the order moved forward for packaging and shipping. In addition to this, we also conduct priority handling for people who avail such services.

Before placing your international order, it is important to contact your customs office to thoroughly inquire about import regulations. Included in this page is crucial piece of information about shipping restrictions. We are unable to ship certain products or ingredients such as items that contain alcohol to specific regions of the world. Additionally, certain countries ban the sale of products containing the mentioned ingredients, and it is therefore difficult for us to fill an order for customers living in these particular countries.

We would love to answer all your queries and clear any doubts you might have concerning our shipping methods and rates! We have a dedicated team of customer care executives who will offer you with all the assistance and guidance that you might need. So call or write to us at today!