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Prestren Keeps You Longer And Stronger

Presten Keeps You Stronger and Longer




Waking up one bright new morning


Wishing i could get a stronger body


Working well with a lively spirit


Needing a proven way to get my mind quickened


How do i keep life strong and young?


Something to preserve,


Something that strengthens






i’m living it stronger and longer


No more worries to make me falter


A whole life preserved, fully strengthen


Now found a way to good health


Presten shows the way


The way to life and health




Verse 2.


I heard a sweet small voice say presten


It was a gentle strong call within me


Presten’s setting me free from my health worries


A really trusted brand, recovering the soul


Helping me keep life strong and young


Something to preserve


Something that strengthens





It’s all about goodness and wellness


Bringing to you rich life and gladness


With a trusted brand in the industry


Never fails you, sure to deliver


Presten  does the wonders






Call: Preserving and strengthening


Res: Oh…oh presten


Call: Powerful and nourishing


Res: We say presten


Call: Energizing your body


Res: We call it presten


Call: it is proven and effective


Res: It is presten


Call: Extremely affordable


Res: Oh….oh presten………….